Coach Nutley - Team FinlandTorrey Pines All-American, Matt Nutley, turns up at the 2010 World Lacrosse Championships as the head coach of Team Finland.

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The old guys were in full force at the Super Grand Masters.





I believe the old chap is about to butt-end me. He did, but I got the 2 minutes.

things got somewhat messyThings got somewhat messy, but a good time was had by all.USA Patriots '10

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2010 Tournament Action:

The 2010 Middle School Tournament starts off with early action between Carlsbad and the Mustangs.

Poway then takes on newcomers SoCal, and La Jolla plays the defending champion Mustang A team.







Carlsbad-Poway: That way



Poway and Carlsbad then went at it.

Carlsbad-Poway: Woop


Poway and the Mustangs had a spirited Semi-final.Mustang-Poway: Woop Mustang-Poway: Whoa!


Mustang-Carlsbad Bs: Ball down!Mustang Bs and Carlsbad battle for the consolation championship, while the Mustangs and SoCal face off in the final.

Mustangs and SoCal face off in the finalMustangs and SoCal: drive to the goal.


In the end, the newcomers from SoCal upset the perennial champion Mustangs for the 2010 Tournament 2010 FinalistsChampionship.

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2009 NCAA Championship Thriller

Dukes of Earl and Torrey Pines alumnus Jake Myers leads Cornell to the 2009 NCAA Finals against defending champions Syracuse.


All the talk by the announcers during the playoffs was whether Dukes of Earl and Torrey Pines alumnus Jake Myers could step it up for Cornell. The answer was yes, yes and yes, as he led the Big Red on the defensive end of the field in the first three rounds and had a great final.

lineupready setdive inroccobringing itmore actionbackupdodgeground ball - face-offkick savequick drawbig finish

big save

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